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New Patented Gaming Headset Technology

The Psyko 5.1 audio system. You may have seen this system floating around the internet for the past year or so. This headset has turned heads for some time with its unique look and design, a design which won Psyko Labs’ CES 2009’s most innovative award. So what is so unique about ... Read more »

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Let me first start this review by saying that Resident Evil is one of my favorite game series of all time. I have very fond memories of the very first Resident Evil game I played which was Resident Evil: Directors Cut. I clearly recall being a naive teenager in my local EB Games, picking up the case for this game, which according to the jewel case, promised to be a non-stop thrill ride, and was it ever. After that I purchased Almost every single iteration from Resident Evil 2 all the way up to the most recent 6th numbered entry (yes, even the Gameboy Color one). The only exception to this being Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D. That would have been because I had sold my 3DS before it was released and therefore could not actually play it. In doing so I missed out on the Demo for Resident Evil Revelations 3D and also the retail release of R ... Read more »

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I might be a little late on this review but I recently went to best buy last week and bought Destiny The King is Taken for PS4. Me and my wife both played this game all night this was worth my money.

With its sci-fi trappings, fallen Earth backstory and mix of first-person shooter action, loot grabbing, and RPG levelling mechanics, the closest comparison was 2K's Borderlands franchise, though Destiny seemed to lack the sense of humor. Having spent a few days with the game under real conditions, I'm sticking with my original assessment. However, while the similarities are undeniable, there's plenty more going on that makes this a worthwhile experience in its own right.

You can play the entire game solo, if you wish. Key missions creep up on your map with satisfying regularity, and while you may not be the ... Read more »

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