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5 Steps to Boost SEO Rank and Get More Customers

Need more customers? Getting your business found on search engines by your target customers at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer is one of the most effective ways to drive site traffic and revenue growth.

Research proves that 89.92% of people click on links on the first page of Google search results. Competition for page-1 google listing can be fierce. Google’s complex algorithm utilizes numerous factors to determine how high sites rank in organic search results. Effective Search engine optimization (SEO) typically takes three to six months of work before the best results are achieved.

The AIS Media utilized advanced technology and time-tested and proven techniques that often produce results within as little as 30 days. In this webinar our CEO, Thomas Harpointner, explores some of the biggest SEO trends along with actions that have proven to drive substantial results for clients.

Key Takeaways

Technical SEO: Sites with broken links, slow-loading pages, and errors impede both Google SEO rankings and the user experience, which adversely affects conversion rates and revenue. As of April 21, 2015, Google began using “mobile-friendly” as a ranking signal. Sites that pass the mobile-friendly test receive higher SEO rank in mobile search results. A technical SEO analysis summarizes the health of your site’s structural elements. Errors and warnings are often related to issues with H1 tags, image tags, broken hyperlinks, description length, etc.

On Site SEO: On-Site SEO is the process of optimizing a site so search engines can easily identify and classify it.

    • Start your title with your keyword. Your title is the most important on-page SEO factor; The closer to the front of the title the more weight it carries.

    • Leverage multimedia. Images, videos and illustrations increase audience engagement and reduce bounce rates.

    • Drop your keyword in the first 100 words. Make sure your keyword appears in the first 100 words of your content.

    • Use outbound links. Outbound links to relevant sites help search engines determine your site’s content and are proven to outrank pages without outbound links.

    • Use internal links. Add 2-3 links to other pages within your site on every page.

    • Length is strength. A Backlinko industry study found that longer content tends to rank higher on Google’s first page.

Off Site SEO (backlinks): One of the most significant off-site SEO ranking factors is the volume of high-quality backlinks directed to your site. Search engines only give SEO value to backlinks considered to be from “high-quality” sources.

How to get “link juice”:

    • Write blog articles regularly

    • Create content on a single topic with over 1,700 words

    • Leverage social media to amplify the reach of your content

    • Engage bloggers and your content for consideration

Local Listings: Google Maps is a popular search interface. Customers check Google Maps for proximity searches. Another off-site ranking factor that impacts local SEO is local directory listings. Inconsistent, duplicate or missing directory listings will negatively impact your ability to rank well in search engine results local keyword rankings.

Make sure your business info is accurate.

    • When people search for your business, does your phone number show up?

    • Is the right address for each of your locations listed on your website?

    • Does your business appear properly on all major directories?

Social SEO: According to MOZ’s Local Search Engine Ranking Survey, online reviews are thought to make up to 10% of how search engines rank sites.

Why your business needs positive ratings and reviews:

    • Google Maps now features reviews prominently

    • Ratings and reviews can influence SEO rankings

According to BrightLocal, 92% of people read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

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