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Awesome Gadget for your car It's A Universal Car Holder with QI

Just what I wanted folks,this is awesome gadget for your car.I  Really liked my previous iOttie one touch holder, and now with the Qi wireless charging, its even better for a clean look in my car. I had a 5v line installed to go directly to this charger, and it works perfectly for a cord free dashboard. Currently using the wireless charging for both my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and my wife's Samsung Galaxy S6. Works great, but as all wireless chargers, it doesn't charge as fast as a direct connection via Micro USB. Enough to maintain the battery level when using GPS and streaming music. Will charge if the phone screen is off at a rate of about 5% battery increase every 15min.

Zone X Productions Red Universal Car Hold With QI Review

Its' Expensive but very good  for recharging holders for large phones/phablets. It does shake and shimmy a little, but it's not too bad. Easy attachment, easy one-handed operation and a grip like iron, even on textured dashboards.

For those of you damaging your dashboards when you take the mount off, ensure that the suction cup is 'released' before ripping the leather or whatever off your dash. Pull the rubber tab from the back up and away from the cup, allowing air to accumulate underneath, go slowly. Any residue should come off with a little Goo Gone - 2oz Bottle - Citrus Scented - Cuts Grease, Oil, Gum, Adhesive Residue. I would also use that solvent in combo with a plastic putty knife for situations where the iOttie unit is very stuck. If you can't get the ring off yourself, consult a local car detailer...they pretty much know how to get rid of anything.

This nice little piece of kit has impressed me nearly beyond words...nearly. I have absolutely hated everything about suction cup mounts that I have used in the past...and those mounts had the advantage of smooth glass, not the textured dash this product claims it can adhere to. I would like to make something perfectly clear...this is, far and away, the best suction mounting solution I have ever used...and I have used a lot over the years. Everything from GPS units and radar detectors to mobile phones would invariably crash to my dashboard on a hot day...or if I hit a bump...or if i tried to use the touch screen...closed the car door...you get it.

Did I mention the phone holder charges too?Check this picture out

You can purchase the Universal Car Holder With QI by clicking on the image below,believe me its worth your money!

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1 darkvaderbunb • 3:21 AM, 2016-10-07 [Entry]
Nice link I ordered mine yesterday and it got shipped today.