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Dell XPS 15 should be ever business owner's dream lap top!

Dell XPS 15 Review by Zone X Productions A Microsoft's Partner


Dell’s new XPS 15 has tempted me to try a laptop that’s a little bigger than I’m used to. It combines the same sleek design and edge-to-edge display that Dell used in the XPS 13, but everything is just larger. Dell has squeezed a 15-inch laptop into the frame of a 14-inch one, and it’s really designed to be a more powerful alternative to the smaller XPS 13.

Zone X Productions Review of Dell XPS 15

Dell’s latest XPS 15 is going up against laptops like Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina, with enough power to play some games, edit video, or use graphically intensive apps on the go. Over the years, I’ve settled on 13-inch laptops for their portability and weight, but I’ve been using the XPS 15 for the past few  days(I know it aint been that long) and it’s one of the most powerful machines I’ve ever used in my nerdy tech life,lol No serious folks this laptop should be what EVER business owner uses.

I would encourage people to consider buying business laptops. In my experience many developers don't even consider business laptops and only buy consumer devices. Business laptops have the following advantages over consumer laptops: - they're much more reliable - better support - a lot fewer problems with drivers and other incompatibilities - they are designed for work, which means you will have fewer problems with things like virtualization - generally speaking, the keyboard and the track-pad will be better And the good thing is that some of the disadvantages of business laptops like size and bulkiness have also disappeared. You can now find business ultra-books that look good and work well.

Lap Top Reviews By Microsoft Partner Zone X Productions

Final Conclusion/Opinion

Too make my opinion short Dell Xps 15 is for people who like larger lap tops its not for everyone, I do find myself using my XPS 13 every once in awhile but like everything in life XPS 15 is the new "hot trend".Its something I suggest EVERY business owner who works on the internet should get Dell XPS 15.



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