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Destiny The King is Taken A Very cool video game check out the review on of the best PS 4 games ever~

I might be a little late on this review but I recently went to best buy last week and bought Destiny The King is Taken for PS4. Me and my wife both played this game all night this was worth my money.

With its sci-fi trappings, fallen Earth backstory and mix of first-person shooter action, loot grabbing, and RPG levelling mechanics, the closest comparison was 2K's Borderlands franchise, though Destiny seemed to lack the sense of humor. Having spent a few days with the game under real conditions, I'm sticking with my original assessment. However, while the similarities are undeniable, there's plenty more going on that makes this a worthwhile experience in its own right.

You can play the entire game solo, if you wish. Key missions creep up on your map with satisfying regularity, and while you may not be the recommended level when they appear, scouring the open areas will provide random Patrol missions to earn experience to progress in the narrative. But Destiny is a game that wants you to play with others. It's an intrinsically social experience, inescapably so. Like Guild Wars or its ilk, everyone you'll see who isn't an enemy is another human player. You're always in the shared world, but free to take part in it as much as you want. Create or join a fire team to challenge missions co-op, the difficulty scaling appropriately; join in or ignore randomly generated group battles against giant enemies in the wider environment; take part in more conventional PVP multiplayer through the tournament-based Crucible. Weirdly, for an FPS, the player base seems remarkably friendly, at least so far.

Even in versus areas, there's none of the expected bad behavior of online shooters. It's almost alarmingly pleasant.

Unlike Halo, in Destiny the abilities you'll gain really mix the play up though. It starts small -- your melee attack is more of a telekinetic force slam, while grenades recharge over time. Other, more powerful talents will differ depending on class, but level up enough and you'll be unleashing super-powered hell on the likes of the Fallen and the Hive in fine form.

Is their a negative to this game?

The biggest problem Destiny faces is that, despite the technical magnificence of blending its shooter, MMO, and RPG components into a cohesive whole, and delivering a lag-free online experience, it doesn't really feel like anything new. Strip away the polish, the finesse, the dazzle -- of which there's plenty -- and you're left with a few new ways to shoot dudes in the face. Or alien bug monsters who may not technically have faces in the traditional sense, but you get the idea. It feels as though Bungie has tried to catch lightning in a bottle again, but that's rarely a feat that happens by design. Halo became a phenomenon through word of mouth as much as marketing. Will the same be said for Destiny, a decade on? Or will Destiny fall under the grave as a one piece game?

Conclusion & Final Opinion

It was worth my money but I'll admit Destiny didn't live up to its hype but its something me and my wife enjoy besides sex lol. I would suggest everyone atleast try Destiny Rise of The Iron the newest edition which is considered better.

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