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Google is getting really smart,ever heard of Google Rank Brain?If your a nerd you gonna like this blog/topic!

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So over the years google has changed its method,it is no longer run by humans but by a artificial intelligent being called google rank brain. And this is for all web site owners it impacts your seo rankings,imagine that a robot now keeping track of your seo status as you know zone x productions is a master at seo we know its all based on key words so the bots have a hard time stopping us from being at the top,lol Ok we can't give you guys our little secrets(unless you want to hire us as a seo expert). Anyways here we break down the rank brain definitions.

What is Rank Brain?

RankBrain is responsible for converting the innumerable search words and keywords, entered over Google search engine, to quantitative figures that machines like computer can decipher and understand.

It uses mathematical processes called vectors and advanced semantic processes to learn about people’s search patterns and apply the inferences to the future search results, rather than being pre-programmed and scripted.

In simple words, RankBrain is a system that tries to give a better meaning to search queries, understand the real ‘user intent’ and return the most appropriate results to the user.

For example, if there is a word that RankBrain is not familiar with, it can make assumptions about the other words or phrases which can have similar meaning, so that it can filter those for the user.

Let’s dig deeper into the term RankBrain and have a clear idea of ‘How Exactly It Will Impact Search Results in Positive Manner?’

RankBrain is designed to serve as a solution for unique searches. It makes use of machine learning for the conversion of language into mathematical entities commonly referred as vectors. To put simple, Rankbrain works as a translator that defines words and phrases with mathematical conventions in order to understand the unique searches including distinct phrases or natural language.

Some people have misunderstood the concept of introducing this newest algorithm and are spreading the myth that Rankbrain is going to replace the existing algorithm of the Google i.e. Hummingbird. It is simply not a replacement to any existing functionality; it is just another functionality added to the list.

You can now expect a helpful result from the Google for every sort of question as the new algorithm attempts to come up with a sensible guess about what the word might mean whenever it encounters an unrecognizable words or phrases. You will likely to be served with the results that will be much relevant. In addition to this, it also tracks the person’s browsing activity and his/her response to the results listed. If the users didn’t seems to get the information they’re searching for, the algorithm adjusts accordingly.

How effective is RankBrain?

Google engineers competed against RankBrain for its effectiveness by guessing which search pages would rank at the top of Google search results. At the end, it was found that the engineers made correct guesses almost 70% of the time but RankBrain stole the show by making 80% correct guesses.

Is it an algorithm?

The reality is that RankBrain is not an algorithm itself. It is rather the latest addition to the search engine algorithm of Google, known as the Hummingbird

Another function that will be served with AI Algorithm is keeping the system safe from the spammers and black hat SEO practices. This will bolster the rankings of the client as competitors that have gained top rank with spammy tactics will be tweaked out.


RankBrain and SEO Over views

Great Content is more important than ever

It is well known to the SEO world that keywords are crucial when writing content for any website. Google’s algorithms can identify these in the content of a page and use them in the ranking process.

Keywords alone though, will not get you far. Google’s processes (including RankBrain) are clever enough to identify great content and without providing users with a great experience, your chances of ranking high in the results are limited.

Google Rank Brain Presents Zone X Productions

A final verdict

Artificial Intelligence has always been considered as the next step in technological evolution and with the introduction of RankBrain in search algorithms it is more than certain that the SEO landscape will gradually be more about the user experience and less about the keywords or other traditional ranking signals.

RankBrain is now responsible for billion of search queries and it is certain that in the months or years it will play an even more important role in improving the quality of Google search results.

My thoughts/opinion on Google Rank Brain

Its a mixed emotion, im happy we now have a robot keep tracking of our search engine at the same time its like google expects alot of content which to me,is stupid what if a person only want to make a website for fun?I mean i want to say f this rank brain(excuse my language) what about web site owners who have alot of content but due to their lack of knowledge on seo their website doesn't get any traffic how would they appear on Google? What about the sites who pay google to be on search engine but have little content? Google to me is becoming like our government it is starting to make the internet less friendly place its bad enough we got alot of stupid regulations on the internet but for google to now decide what sites should appear is stupid yet smart in a weird way.Anyways tell me what you guys think make sure you keep checking on our blogs we have more juicy digital tech news.

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