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How to spot insider security threats using this one weird trick and it will amaze you,just read!


Scared of losing sensitive data to disgruntled employees? or scared of loosing data to some nerdy teenager who is tech savy?Heck scared of loosing data to your crazy ex lover? We have the answer to all those with one weird trick..

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THE SECURITY THREAT posed by disgruntled employees is widely recognised as the most serious faced by organisations today, but finally there's a trick to defeating them.

Forces for good now have a foolproof plan to spot these malicious insiders (hopefully) before they steal all your precious data, and it's all down to the magic of ethical hacking.

The beans were spilled by Jamie Woodruff, ethical hacker and CTO of cyber security firm Patch Penguin, at the Rackspace Solve event in London today.


Woodruff explained that he sees two classic points of entry into corporate networks for hackers, the first being disgruntled employees who can typically be spotted by their language.

"You can tell a disgruntled employee because they'll refer to the company as 'they', not 'we'. They'll say 'they do this', not 'we do this'," he said.

report released by Ernst & Young earlier this year suggested that losing data owing to malicious insiders is the fastest growing threat to organisations today, meaning that this trick could save companies stacks of cash, not to mention headaches and tears.


The second point of entry, rather more prosaically, is unpatched applications, according to Woodruff.

This might sound slightly dull, but it's spiced up by the fact that around 95 per cent of ATMs in the UK run Windows XP, an operating system Microsoft stopped supporting on 4 April 2014.

So if you're a disgruntled employee with mayhem in mind remember to say 'we' not 'they', and consider hacking an ATM instead of your own company.

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