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Iphone 7 is HERE,Check out our review!
IPhone 7 Blog Review By Zone X Productions
We are one of the first companies to review this product,we work with apple and they always want us to review all their latest products so here is what our team decided to do.

        IPHONE 7 CREATED BY APPLE WAS RELEASED ON SEPTEMBER 9,2016 Zone X Productions is one of the first to review iphone7!!!

So What's new with the iPhone 7? Either a lot and very little, depending on what matters to you in a phone.

On the one hand, it's now imbued with far superior sonic performance, a much better camera and a more pleasant-to-use screen – and now has no port to plug your headphones into.


So, again, we're in the position of having to work out whether the upgrades to the new iPhone are worth the money, or whether you can save some cash and stick with the iPhone 6S – after all, for a lot of people there's a certain status to owning a new iPhone, and without a radical shape change, the iPhone 7 doesn't offer that upgrade.

The iPhone 7 price is pretty typical, with just three choices once more. These are the 32GB model (thankfully the 16GB option, which was just too small to store today's glut of large apps, is gone), a 128GB option and the top-of-the-range 256GB choice – which is pretty meaty, and unlikely to be filled by even the most ardent media-hoarder.


When it comes to the look of the new phone, it might seem like Apple's done very little to change the iPhone 7 design, and that's true to a degree.


iPhone 7 review


The iPhone 7, like the 4, 5 and 6 before it, was supposed to radically change the way the iPhone looks; however, the dimensions and screen size are nearly identical to last year's model, meaning that if you plop a case on this phone you'll struggle to tell the difference between phones from 2014 and 2016.

There are some big changes here, though, and let's start with the biggest one: the loss of the headphone jack.


iPhone 7 review


There are multiple theories as to why Apple has done this, ranging from the conspiracy-based (the company is just doing it to make money from the license fee manufacturers have to pay to create Lightning port headphones) to the helpful (the space taken up by the headphone jack means a thinner phone, and more space for battery).

Apple claimed in its keynote that it had taken "courage" to get rid of the "ancient" port – whether that's good enough remains to be seen.


iPhone 7 review


Either way, it's gone, and that's going to irritate a lot of people who haven't prepared themselves for this moment, watching as Motorola's Moto Z handset performed the same trick earlier in the year and didn't seem to take too much flak as a result.

The good news is that the iPhone 7 will come with a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack in the box (ha, jack-in-the-box, just got that one) to help users make the transition – many of us have spent good money on decent headphones and don't want to suddenly have to convert them to Lightning cables, and this will help smooth the process.

There's also a pair of Lightning-powered Earpods, so you'll at least not have to use the connector all the time, especially if you're a fan of basic audio.

The look and feel of the phone is similar to iPhones of the past three years, with the edges nicely rounded and feeling smooth in the hand – there's a good argument here for 'if it ain't broke...', as Apple already had one of the best-looking phones on the market.

The Jet Black model we tried initially was shiny and had an almost plastic feel to it, although the other colors are more matte and traditional.


When we were guessing what Apple would make the central point of the iPhone 7, music was high on the list – after all, why would you get rid of the headphone jack if you weren't going to offer an improvement in the sonic quality?

The Lightning port can carry a tremendous amount of data across to your headphones, and Apple has boosted the iPhone 7's audio capabilities to match.


iPhone 7 review


Let's start on the outside first though: the new iPhone has dual speakers, rather than the single mono output at the bottom of the phone. These are positioned top and bottom to create decent stereo sound, and the different angles make listening to tunes or watching films a real treat.

When it comes to the internal sound quality, we didn't get long to play with the iPhone 7 and properly assess its audio quality – that's something we're looking forward to doing in our full iPhone 7 review.

However, in terms of the abilities of the iPhone 7, we're expecting some big tweaks inside to improve the quality of the output – and with a bit more research, find out if Apple has added in support for Hi-Res audio files.

That's a big deal, given that the Lightning port can now handle the data transmitted from the better audio quality, and Apple has made a big deal about how this is a great way to get sound out of your phone into your ears. It didn't convince us that it was any better though, beyond freeing up some space for the Taptic engine behind the home button.


iPhone 7 review


Apple has also unveiled another big change: its own proprietary wireless standard. This isn't like the Bluetooth you know, a fact that's illustrated by the new AirPods, which you connect just by placing them by your phone.

They're wireless, but in all other ways they're very similar to the current earpods, apart from their infrared sensors, which can tell when they're in your ears.


iPhone 7 review


It would be a surprise if Apple has decided not to include Hi-Res audio support – while it's beefed up the sound output of the iPhone 7, there's currently no sign of the ability to play back the better-quality files that would really make use of the Lightning port in terms of clear audio quality.

Our Conclusion&Final Thoughts on iPhone7

Apple has increased the battery life of the iPhone 7 compared to its predecessor, which is the least you'd hope for given that the shape hasn't changed much. However, there was actually a slight battery life drop from the iPhone 6 to 6S (to allow for the 3D Touch screen), so there's no certainty that the new iPhone will extend battery life.


iPhone 7 review


Apple's newest iphone 7 is GOOD but could have been better granted apple did tell us they plan on upgrading iphone 7 in the near future.Some of our reviews were from other sources so don;t worry if the review confuses some of our reads.We here at Zone X Productions enjoyed iphone 7 even though the price is heavy so prepare to save your paychecks for those who can't afford iphone 7.The average price for a iphone 7 in the usa is around $680.00 to $700.00 that is a month's rent for bills!So before you decide to run and buy iphone 7 check it out at your local stores and wait a few months until prices go down,right now it is heavy in the stock market and it will be for awhile much like iphone 4,5 and 6.Its a smart phone that shows technology is evolving and here at zone x productions we are just happy we are part of the movement.Catch us in the atlanta area with our new iphone 7 give aways,as part of a thank you from our staff!

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