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PS4 System Update will finally be out tomorrow,we will be the first to review it aswell!

Its finally here,Sony promised us update and upgrade on PS4,and well it hits the stores and online tomorrow.As you know here at zone x productions we be the first to review the ps4 update as Sony ships us the product and yes they pay us to review their products.PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 4.00 (codenamed Shingen), will be available tomorrow. This update brings a refreshed system UI, Folders, a new Quick Menu and Share Menu, Library improvements, and much more… Refreshed UI Throughout the update, the overall look and feel of PS4’s main user interface has been improved.

We've broken down the most important features for you below.


Updated Quick Menu

The Quick Menu has had an overhaul and now only covers a portion of the screen. It also gives easy access to Spotify so you can play music without having to minimise your game.

PS4 Pro super streaming

Whilst this portion of the update can't be used by any current PS4 owners.The following streaming modes have been activated on the new console. We're particularly happy about the addition of 60fps streaming to YouTube, which brings PlayStation 4 streaming further in line with what's available on PC.

  • 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices
  • 1080p streaming for Share Play
  • 1080p 30/60fps live broadcasting on YouTube
  • 1080p 30fps live broadcasting on Twitch

HDR, there you are

High Dynamic Range is coming to all PS4 systems, even the old ones from 2013 made of string and hamster wheels. 

Data Transfer using LAN

Finally, you can now copy all the data from one PS4, regardless of model, at super fast speeds using a LAN cable. 

That's pretty much it for the update,we here are still thrilled about the ps4 update and heck remember Sony and other major companies pay us to blog and review their products what better way to earn money online huh?lol And as always if our words are confusing then look below we posted sony ps4's youtube video for better way for our viewers to understand our review. Well drop us a comment or e-mail us on what you think of the ps4 update.


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