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Star Trek has been predicting the future since the 1960's,from science fiction to science facts many of star trek's predictions are now real

Star Trek has been predicting the Future since the 1960s!

Getting in touch with touch-screen computers

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation likely remember that the crew often used smooth, flat touch screens.This was in the 60's but who would imagine 50 something years later some of star trek's wishful ideas are now reality.Look around you in today's world technology is advancing!Here some a few examples of science fiction now into science facts

Star Trek Science Fiction to Science Facts

Instead of using keyboards, they simply tapped the screen itself.

They used the touch screen technology for major computers and for handheld machines.

Today, touch screen technology makes it much easier for people to search for directions on their smartphones, send texts and type out emails on the go.

Star Trek Science Fiction To Science Facts By Zone X Productions

Reality or fiction? The virtual worlds of holodecks

When characters on The Next GenerationDeep Space 9 and Voyager wanted a little vacation or a mental break from being on an enclosed vehicle hurtling through space, they would sometimes go to the spaceship’s holodeck.

The holodeck is a virtual reality facility that can be used to create sports fields, familiar places and bars and nightclubs.

Star Trek characters could even use the holodeck to put themselves in the middle of a fictional story, like when Picard in the episode “The Big Good-Bye,” puts himself in the middle of a 1940s-style detective story and has to solve a deadly mystery.

Today’s virtual reality technology may make people feel like they are in the middle of a different place and doing different things, but it’s nowhere near the level of aStar Trek holodeck.

Star Trek Science Fiction to Science Facts

Computer? Hello, computer. A keyboard? How quaint.Talking to a computer?How awesome right?

When Star Trek crew members needed information from their computers, they often simply asked for it.

They didn’t type in long searches and scroll through potential answers.

They talked to their computers.

And their computers talked back.

“Command functions are offline.” “The captain is not on the ship.” “Picard command codes are no longer valid.”

Today, people are comfortable using intelligent voice assistants on their smartphones, like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. My conclusion like many young folks growing up in the 90's is I can look back and see star trek to this day and back then really amused me how the future will be isn't it kinda cool now that we are in 2016 and what people predicted in the 60's is now reality?I talked to my great grand father and grand mother and just to see their faces at how we are in a tech world amazes.Part of zone x productions main reason to exist is because of the digital world,this is why we are happy to bring you not only digital news,but digital web services.Check back on our blogs for more HOT interesting blogs!

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