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Thrilling news!!Iphone 7 will be water proofed and apple watch 2 is cool aswell!

Ok. iPhone 7 is pretty much what was rumored. The headphone jack is gone. Typical Apple minimalism and getting rid of standard interconnectivity functionality far faster than most would want, but it is the way it has to go, sooner or later anyway. I don't like it but I'm not an iPhone owner so who cares.


The Camera gimmick idea is pretty cool for the flagship 7+. It now has dual cameras. Both 12mp cameras but you can select a wide angle mode (same as iPhones before) which is about a 28mm equivalent for 35mm DSLR users. And now a 2x telephoto option which brings it to a 60mm equivalent on DSLR cameras. Here the optical aspects come to play and 2x might not seem like much, but it actually is quite a lot. So I made a quick mock-up to illustrate what it means:


Waterproofing. Yeah, about time too. I said long ago Apple has to do this and many said Apple never would haha.. Oh, and just to be clear. The waterproof phone, thats not Samsung's invention (and Samsung stupidly moved away from waterproofing a year ago, but now fast returned this year). No, like almost everything in mobile, and almost all items added to an iPhone since the original in 2007, also waterproofing was done in Japan first. Yes, a decade ago already. But yes, nice feature. Apple is following Samsung again on this.


What else? The memory is increased. There are some new colors. There are some silly earphones that are outrageously expensive and very droppable. Did I forget anything? I think thats about it. And there is a second edition of the Apple Watch. It will not set the world on fire either. Its an iBracelet for iFools and to that I just say: iMoo !!  No, the Apple Watch will not become something that is seen as a success. I think this is the last edition they'll bother to make Apple Watches before quietly shutting down that business. 

I think the iPhone 7 upgrade was alright. Little more than I have expected. Since the rumours was that it would be basicly same as iPhone 6s.
Optical image stabilisation, IP67 classified and a fast A10 processor.

I used Android but I think they might sell fine overall. Especially when Samsung maybe was to early to put out out the Note 7 modell with the battery issues.My fellow tech news fans,this is thrilling news keep in touch with our blogs more HOT blogs coming soon.

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