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World of War Craft Legion Review(VERY VERY Entertaining Game)

Where all my warcraft gamers at?You will love this I don't know if im late on reviewing this game so excuse my lateness if this old for the die hard fans.Let me make this review nice and short.

World of War Craft Legion is the 6th Expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s widely successful franchise: World of Warcraft, and is possibly even it’s biggest success since The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Following the events of Warlords of Draenor, Gul’dan – having been banished to present day Azeroth – has succeeded in bringing the Burning Legion to invade Azeroth once again. Finding himself on the Broken Isles, he made his way to the Vault of the Wardens, to capture and steal away Illidan, who was thought to be dead, but was clinging to life with the last of his very existence. Now the only way to combat the Burning Legion is for the factions of Azeroth to put aside their discrepancies to find the Pillars of Creation and retrieve Illidan Stormrage.

World of War Craft Legion Reviews

The locations continue Blizzard’s tradition of creating amazing looking worlds for their players to inhabit, lush woodlands, desolate wastes, towering castles, sparkling magiscapes; despite being rendered with very little geometry they’re stunning to walk through and fly over. Every location hides elements from you, and changes as you peel back the curtain to see what’s hidden behind the next rise. It’s all so exquisitely done that you can’t help but be impressed. Much of what I saw took me back to my Vanilla WoW days in Ashenvale and brought back stark memories of The Burning Crusade, just without the crippling server problems and fighting over mobs.

World of War Craft Legion Review

What else comes standard to a new expansion release in terms of PvE? New dungeons and raids of course, of which we are given a large variety from the start already! Travel into Neltharion’s Lair before he became Deathwing, or help the Wardens clear out their home in Vault of the Wardens, unless you prefer fighting back a prison break in the revival of the Dalaran dungeon: Violet Hold. There are many more dungeons, 9 in total to be exact. You are forced to progress through the Normal difficulty dungeons first for a while even after reaching Level 110 to loot gear until you reach an average item level of 810, which is quite a jump in comparison to previous expansions! That being said, it’s been very positively by all players, myself included, because it makes you work a little bit harder towards getting strong enough for the more difficult modes before eventually being able to take on the amazing new Raid instances, and you can have a sense of pride in your character’s progress. So far there are only 2 Raid Instance; journey into the Emerald Nightmare and purge the corruption from the Emerald Dream, and Suramar Palace, where you will finally be able to face off against Gul’dan. I fully intend on making him take an arrow to the knee

World of War Craft Legion Review By Zone X Productions

Final Conclusion/Opinion

I stayed up late hours playing world of war craft legion on PS4(sorry Xbox360 maybe next time),it was addictive and one of the best WarCraft games I ever played.And good news is  that, here at zone x productions we are about to have a FREE video game download page yes thousands of games FREE for download online so stay tuned folks and keep checking on our site&blog!!

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