E-mail Services

What We Offer:

  • Own E-mail Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Upload Files Like Videos,Images,Music
  • Create Other E-mail Accounts
  • Send as much e-mails as you desire
  • Access Your E-mail On A Mobile Phones
  • Fast Server,Always Get E-mails On Time




We provide a very cost effective and highly secure E-mail hosting for the clients who are interested to have their E-mail address with their own company Domain Name. If you have a company named ABC.COM then we can provide E-mail address to all your staff with their own name before the domain name. for instance if the company name is ABC then the Employees can get the E-mail address with their own name like [email protected] This particular service doesn't cost you much and you can also have a E-mail forwarding facility where you don't need to have so many E-mail boxes which consumes a lot of time while checking those mails instead you can forward all the mails to a single E-mail box.

Moreover if you have a website and if you are interested in providing free web mail service to the browsers of your site then we can provide you the webmail facility and the whole webmail package is quite cost effective and it can be programmed in a very short span of time.