Our Advertisement Technology

Zone X Productions was formed by veterans from Microsoft and Apple. Fast, scalable technology is in our DNA. Our flexible Platform as a Service (PaaS) powers multiple lines of business including consumer marketplaces (real estate, coupons, events), advertising optimization engines as well as small business websites and services.

We leverage the latest technology stacks from big data storage (SEPH, MySQL Cluster, SQL Server, HBase), through high-scale processing (Hadoop, Flume, SOLR Cloud) to the latest in scalable presentations sites using SASS/JSON/SHX Responsive site factories fronted by .NET, Drupal, CouchDB and Varnish caches.

Our robust advertising platform serves and optimizes billions of ads per month. We have built integrations with all of the major ad networks and exchanges including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AppNexus and more. Comprehensive analytics from each source are tracked, aggregated, attributed, and presented through Zone X Productions multi-tenant distributed CRM Solutions.